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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just another brownie

These days I was to visit some bran-new big shop recently opened. I wasn’t alone, Rodi was with me and we saw around…..but next day I was back in the shop: the other night I didn’t get to see it all. Maybe that’s why is called Big Shop. For that matter is really, but really BIG> I could get lost in there. And never get enoght to see and come over and overagain. You can find from funky jewels to clothes and cosmetics. But I just love the home&design decoration area were you can find all the things you may need to (re)decorate your house! Of course, you don’t need them all. In my opinion, less is more, and your house should have only the basics. But no, we people tend to change it all the time, redecorate it, wanting for something else, something different. You don’t need all those things. Neither do I. But I want them. No, I don’t really need them.

All in one, I love the coffee shop where you can have a coffee or a hot chocolate for less than 1 euro and that’s fantastic. A bright idea to open a coffee shop inside a store! What’s more is that’s sooooo tasty! mmmmmiaaam! I could fall in love and come over and over again to shop just to stop for a coffee! They knew what they were doing when opening that! Here is a photo with a coffee shop corner.

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